Based in Vienna, Austria
Portfolio and CV on request



Photography and video

The images I make balance on the lines that separate violence from vulnerability, aggression from affection and intrusion from care.
I construct set-ups in which these subjects are made to interact in new ways, examining the transformational aspects of photography. The starting points for these set-ups stem from a language based place, (so) the titles form riddles with the images. I look into the points at which these notions start turning into one another and the threshold after which an emotion or thought turns into its opposite. The mechanisms and technicalities of photography serve as tools for isolating and amplifying these processes in order to go more into detail, which is why I use different types and formats of digital and analog cameras (and various methods of image production and distribution).


Water Journal, 2016
Fisheye Magazine, 2017
This is Badland Vol.2, 2018
RUUM Vol.4, 2019

British Journal of photography, 2017
Palm* Studios, 2017
Ignant, 2017
The Index, 2018
Fisheye Magazine, 2018 
Contra Journal, 2019
Novembre Magazine, 2019


IPF prize (shortlisted), London, 2017